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ARB Air Compressor4.16:1 Suzuki Samurai Crawler Gear Kit

"EPIC TREK" SPUA Suzuki Samurai Suspension System
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"EPIC TREK" SPUA Suzuki Samurai Suspension System

Price per Unit (Kit): $1595.00

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"Epic Trek"

Suzuki Samurai SPUA Suspension System


For those who would like the unsurpassed ride, suppleness and all around performance of the "Epic Trek" system without the 6 1/2" of lift height,  this IS the kit!  It provides only 3 1/2" of lift and uses a 29" - 31" tire. We still use all of the super trick components, "Bonz Eye" rear springs in front, "Bonz Eye" YJ springs, "TT" Towers, "Epic Trek" nitrogen rebuildable shocks, and Delrin bushings for the chassis eyes for tight steering response and handling. With this kit - while some welding is suggested - it is optional, not required. 8" wheels are recommended with 3 3/4" backspace. As with all of our new front Missing Link kits, the drop shackle function is optional - simply bolt it in the fixed position or leave it unbolted for even more articulation.



Epic Trek Spring Over 33's   VS   Epic Trek Spring Under 31's


Epic Trek Spring Over 33's    VS     Epic Trek Spring Under 31's


alt alt alt

Articulated with drop shackles in the "fixed" mode


Installation Instructions


Item # EPIC-301 Price $1649.00 - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE $1595.00


Testimonial with link to build as well as trail photos:


"It's been  awhile since I bought and installed the Epic kit and other parts, and I just wanted to give you an update.

I've been driving it to work almost every day and have had it to Uwharrie a few times now.  It's working real well, close to flawless.  Descent on road ride, much better than the old set up. Being spring under, it is still pretty low and stable.  It's no sports car, but I'd say it handles pretty good.  Where it shines, though, is off road.  It is significantly better there.  Much more articulation, especially in droop.  I was always lifting a wheel  before, on anything even close to ruff, but no more.  All 4 tires are usually in the dirt now, making traction.  It's still getting better as the springs are breaking in and loosening up.
A friend took some photos last trip and I posted a few of them here:
I like this one the best: 
shows how much those axles are moving while rolling down the trail.
Good times, thanks!



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