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"EPIC TREK" SPOA Suzuki Samurai Suspension
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"EPIC TREK" SPOA Suzuki Samurai Suspension

Price per Unit (Kit): $1995.00

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"Epic Trek"

Suspension Suzuki Samurai System

*****Brent's Choice ***** Race Proven*****


Our latest Premium all-around do-it-all performance SPOA suspension kit for the Suzuki Samurai. Whether you want to play in the snow, sand, road, rally or rocks, this one does it ALL well and daily. It includes ALL necessary parts and features our latest signature "Epic Trek" nitrogen rebuildable shocks with bumpstops for smooth ride. Kit features our Samurai "Bonz Eye" rear springs for the front, our "Bonz Eye" YJ springs for the rear, our new "TT" shock towers and Delrin bushings for the chassis for great lateral stability and tight steering response. Provides 6.5" of lift. Recommended for 31" - 33" tire sizes. 2.5" backspaced wheels recommended.


Kit is now availabie in left hand drive or right hand drive. Specify orientation when ordering.


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See Brent's own 2.3L Samurai with "EPIC TREK" Suspension in action here:

1st Place Top Eliminator at PNW4WDA Summer 2012 Convention Event

and here:

1st Place "King of the Barnyard" Event 2012



Item # EPIC-300  Price $1995.00 Plus $85.00 refundable core charge for slip yoke


Installation here....




See JohnnyB's build here on Zuwharrie......



OK after Wheeling this lift kit for about 6 months and flat towing

it over 1000k miles iv come to one conclusion this setup rocks so

much harder in every area than any kit dose in just one  it holds

corners like a miata smashes threw wash boarded out fire

roads like pre runner and wheels threw rocks like a king of

hammers buggy ;)lol ok well a little king of hammers buggy

maybe  [thumbsup] I took my time and installed it to the letter and

with my best judgment "locktight /no Locktight "  there 

has not been even one bolt come loose due to the high 

quality hardware that went into this kit the missing link

setup in this kit is way cool gives you all the confidence 

u need in the steering to smash in the twisty in fact I took it up

Hwy 9 were all the sport bikes ride and when i reached the top I

was stopped by a guy on a Harley who said hey wtf did u do

to that thing to make it corner like i never even heard you

lift  :o u should be careful don't you know those  things roll

over  [approve] hahaha  well its 15 inches wider outside to outside

now and that shock setup looks so sharp i gets tons of 

comments about how nice its looking over the stock turd I

started with and i have to say if i did it again on leafs i would

still run the spoa epic trek kit from Trail Tough  tho I have

seen their slayer kit in action and the thirst for maximum

 articulation is just getting bigger maybe next year haha

well thanks for looking at the write up" JohnnyB





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