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Readers Rides

Reader Rides - Submit a photo of your ride with description of mods

and we will post it here!!


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Matt from Scotland:

"Hi Brent/Linda

Perhaps you remember me, a few years ago I came over and bought some parts

from you and took them back to Scotland with me for my diesel Sidekick.

Everything worked out well with the kit and I’ve enjoyed using it ever since.

Only thing I’ve had to do to it is uprate the Toyota Birfields.  It’s always been

admired in the Suzuki community over here and it was voted the best modified

truck at the biggest off road show in the UK. It was also featured on the front

cover of the biggest selling off road magazine in the UK as the best ever

modified Vitara (sidekick). All thanks to your products. I’m not sure if any of this

publicity ever brought you any sales though as most of the Suzuki guys over

here want to run their trucks on a tight budget!"


Matt has Trail Tough"Rockmonster transfer case gears and our "Trail Slayer"

SAS suspension Kit.



"Thank you for the emails for all of the specials that your company has to offer.

I think almost everything on my jeep is from you. I have no regrets on the parts

that you make for my samurai. I am sending some pics of my samurai to share

with you.  Thank you again for all your help!

Aloha from Hawaii,


Wally has Trail Tough Front Winch bumper, our "Bad Boy" nerf bars and our

complete YJ Spring Suspension kit.




X90 with Trail Tough kit San Diego Style

"I get an unbelivable amount of people checking out your kit

we installed on my X90. We are still building the X90 cage

but have always wanted to build the 4dr. Kick as you have

 on site. ... Will be at King of the Hammers & should have

a few good shots then. (No not entered)  Thanx for a

great working product. "

Jim from San Deigo has Trail Toughs "Trail Slayer" SAS

conversion kit on his X-90.



"Hi I thought I would send some pics of my sammy. I bought the

Trail Slayer kit from you guys matter of fact I was the first one in

Utah to buy it. Anyway here are some pics of my little Suzuki buggy."


Rubicon Trip                                      High Desert Roundup '09 (My RTI score was 1154,
best short wheelbase score of the day!)
"Hi Brent, it's Aaron Kahn
I got the Trail Slayer kit from you guys late last year, along with a late model transfer case with
4.24:1 gears, front and rear Toyota axles you bead blasted and welded all the bracketry on for me,
and you rebuilt the front and rear diffs and installed 5.71 gears and Lock-Right lockers.
 Ever since I got the kit installed, I have been having a blast with it! The driveshafts have needed to
be reworked some, but otherwise everything has really worked well. I have already taken it
wheeling at the High Desert Roundup 2009, all around Calico Ghost Town, attended King of the
Hammers '09, all around Sliverwood Lake and Big Bear in So Cal, and we just got back from the
Marlin Crawler Rubicon Roundup '09. You wouldn't believe how many compliments I got last
weekend on the Rubicon! Everyone loves the truck and the suspension, people are seriously
amazed how easily it crawls over anything I point it at! We wheeled right through the Rubicon
trail, from Loon Lake to Cadillac Hill and out to Lake Tahoe, without one problem. I didn't even
take all the bypasses! As the weekend went on, my confidence in the truck's abilities grew, and
I started doing the harder routes! (I would like to get a roll cage in it before I get too crazy though)
 So long story short, I figured I would send you links to a bunch of my pics, and if you would be
interested in using any pictures of my Sidekick on your website, that would be cool!!! I tell
everyone where I got the suspension kit from and how cool you guys were to deal with
when I bought everything. I'll bet there are a few people out there considering getting a
Sidekick with your suspension kit after seeing in person what mine can do."
Brent & Linda

Thanks for the opportunity for us to do this and thanks for all your
efforts that you guys put on this, you are great people that help us
to modify our samurais in the best way, btw you guys know what
exactly what are you doing.
Thanks a lot,
Here my Samurai 1987 specs
1600cc 16v / Winch Warn M8000 / Complete YJ SPOA with Trail
Tough Front and Rear Missing Link / Pro Comp ES3000 / Front
Shock Towers / BF Goodrich KM2 33x10.5r15 / 4.62 Ring & Pinion
Gears / Rear ARB Locker /
Abraham Monge
San Jose Costa Rica
Glad to see you put up a readers rides here is mine it will
look better when I get my Trail Tough bumpers
Jesse Estacada Oregon
"Hey Guys,
Here's some pics of my Trail Slayer. You make awesome
products and your customer service is fantastic! The car
works great and I love the way it drives.
This is my build list:  95 Tracker, 5.71 Gears, ARB's front
and back, Trail Slayer kit with Toyota axles, 4.24 T Case
with SYE kit and CV drive shafts, Custom bumpers and
sliders, Warn XT40, 33 X 10.50 BFG KM2's on Method wheels.
Thanks for all your help and advice with building my rig.
Griff from Southern California "
Just wanted to show you what I've done with all the
 parts I ordered from you over the years.... This is my
 1987 suzuki Samurai call Dana 60 corporate 14 bolt
 42 inch pitbull rockers all powered by 1.6 16 valve
stock Samurai transmission, 6.5 to 1 t case gears  
Mighty Kong bucket and solid mounts,  Toyota
drive shafts I built the whole thing myself in my
 driveway along with a lot of talks with you and
using your advice.
Thanks for the parts and advice over the years.
Jon Brock
                   Scotts Samurai
"Thanks for all your input and help Brent."
                   Dylan's Samurai
Brent and Linda
and Trail Tough Crew
I was sending this to in hopes my Samurai is worthy of being on the website.
"My Samurai is set up with Trail Tough SPOA lift and
is sitting on 30" BFG KM2. I have installed the Trail
Tough front Roll cage, Bad Boy Nerf Bars, Gas tank
skid plate, diff guards, and Mighty Kong. I have
added the Sidekick Power steering kit, Spartan
Lockers front and rear, and the 4.9 transfer case
gear set. I love the sound it has with the full Trail
Tough exhaust system. In the future i'm planning
to add the 16 valve engine upgrade, as well
as the rear drive line disconnect installed.Thank you,
Trail Tough for all the great products and superior
customer service."
Dylan Hansen
Hello Brent & Linda. Greg from Dallas Georgia. Love your
web site and products and have made several purchases
from you guys. Here are some pictures of my 88.5 Tin Top.
Took me 4 years to find the right one. In 2 years, upgrades
are Trail Tough winch bumper with 12,000 lb winch and
dual Red Tops, KN universal filter, 8 inches of lift with
34-9.50 TSL's on factory wheels, Sidekick power
steering conversion, Hi-Lift with custom mount,
custom stereo, & CB radio. Future upgrades are
26 spline chromemoly front axles with birfield rings,
Lock Rights front & rear, and 6.5-1 t-case gears.
Thanks for helping keep Samurai's alive and going
and I look forward to trading with you again soon.


Here's a pic of my Samurai built with Trail Tough

AWESOME products! So far here's what I have done:

YJ lift, tracker gear change 4:62, ARB lockers front

and rear, dif guards, axle gusset, windshield fold down

kit, front winch bumper, rear bumper, sliders, might kong,

solid t/c mounts, skid plate, gas tank skid plate, 6.4:1

t/c gears with twisted TT, Doug Thorley header, flowmaster,

BFG 33x12.5x15 KM2's, power steering kit, PRP

Roadster seats. Thanks Trail Tough you guys are

Daryl Nelson
David from Hawaii:


        Before picture                                    After picture


Love your company!!!!!!! I have been a member of Deschutes

County 4 wheelers since I could drive. Never wheeled

anything but Zuki's. My wife and I have started our own

Zuki race team here in San Diego where I'm stationed.

We have a couple small time competitions coming up in

September and then hopefully off to the 2014 King

of the Hammers everyman challenge. Your products

that are on my Zuki have lasted the longest. I have

had to replace most of it and the Trail Tough stuff

is still on there taking a beating. Thanks again for

making great and trustworthy products.

-Ryan and Carrie CLP RACING



Hi, Brent and Linda


Thanks for the parts and for the inspiration.

 1988.5 Suzuki SJ416 JX



SJ410 Grill

6” Bushwacker FenderFlares

Removable Doors

Breezeway Safari Top

Shrockworks front bumper

Safari Snorkel


Engine Bay:

1.6 16v MFI sidekick engine (hence SJ416)

Starter Relay Fix

K&N sidekick air filter

Thorley Header

Magnaflow muffler, catalytic converter and 2” exhaust

OTT Highsteer with extra steering stabilizer shock

Steering Knuckle



37” Goodyear MTRs

Trail Worthy Beadlocks

YJ Spring Over

Driveline Emergency Brake

4 wheel disk brakes

4.62 differential gearing

ZOR Extreme Duty Transfercase Cradle

4.9 transfercase gearing

Eviltwin shifters


Larry Wright

Weatherford TX


Joes Samurai...

This is 10 years in its current color. 21K Offroad only miles.

Just completed a 16v swap with a centerforce clutch.

33s,4.56s,grs 4.89,stock rear minispool, dana 30 cj5 front,

perches moved 1/4 inch in to match the pads on Dana axles.





Williams Tracker:

My tracker is a 97 1.6 16v  with 5speed. I have 5.29's in the diffs 

4.24.1 in the case from you guys (Trail Tough).  It is leaf sprung

front and rear with Toyota axles and 35 inch BFG's. I used Ford F150 1/2 ton

springs in rear and its welded.  2nd gen yota springs in the front

and its open.  I made a custom drop hanger to hang springs in

front   custom built slip yoke  eleminator  with Toyota big

hole flange  that I made  home made. Square drive shaft in the

front. Custom tranny tcase crossmember made by me. Custom

rear 3/16 thick wall shaft in rear half Suzuki half Toyota. Custom

front bumper made by me  and  custom sliders and rear

bumper made by me. I built it to play with the big boys and

since I built it I have only had to use the winch once. I live in

Washington  were there's lots of trees and mud  so lets get r done!





Mikes Samurai:


Dana 44s, Spartan lockers, 5.13 gears, 6.5 to 1 case gears, 44 inch

boggers, Toyota springs, Toyota steering box, Chevy pump, exo cage,

Mighty Kong cradle.... goes everywhere.



Hi there,

I recently ordered and received a front bumper with bullbar from you

for a Suzuki Sidekick. I am pleased to say it fitted perfectly and we were

able to mount the snowplow onto this unit very easily. The only problem

we had was that the bullbar stuck out too far forward and was resting

against the electric motor mounted on the frame of the plow. This motor

rises up and down which pulls a chain which lifts the plow blade.

So the only thing we could do to fix it was to cut off the bullbar,

and now the mount with the plow works perfectly. I have attached

a picture to show it mounted - please let me know if you want to

see more detailed pictures on how the plow fits and why we needed

to cut the bullbar off.

As I had been looking for a mount for my Suzuki for a plow for a

long time on the internet and other places, you guys may want to

consider marketing this unit as it seemed an easy adaption of your

regular winch design.

The snow plow I am using is this one from SnowBear

which fits into a 2 inch receiver hitch

Again thank you for the swift response in making this unit

and getting it shipped to me. It has been used already in

2 deep snowstorms and I am very very happy with it.

Many Thanks,




Here are pictures Christians Tin Top Trail Slayer build in Germany.......







Thanks Brent & Linda for all the great parts!!!!

The South County Samurai Crew
Hey crew at Trail Tough!

Just wanted to drop a email and tell you guys how grateful I am for
your products and service over the years!  There really is no one out
there like trail tough!  I attached a photo of my recent trip to Moab
and although I'm really just playing around  In this photo the truth
of the matter is trips like these are not possible unless you have
products that are built right and built tough. Pretty much everything
on my rig is from you guys and I owe you a big thank you for the fun
we have each time we go out wheeling and each time we seem push your
products to my perceived limits. Your products just flat work, provide
hours of fun, entertainment, and will get you home safe!

Keep up the good work!